Beautiful Scented Votives - 6 Count

I have a fan near Redmond, WA who visits this blog on a regular basis! Thanks so much for saving my blog and coming directly. If you're looking for Candles to Feel more Love look further below.
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Welcome the magic of love into your life with the Love herbal votive candle which possesses a Reiki-charged energy that can help you open up to love heart and soul.

Love Herbal Votive
Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
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If Stress Relief is what you're after then dive into this Square shaped with a layered purple and green coloring the stress relief votive candle is a wonderful tool for any home.

Stress Relief Votive
Qty: 6 - $18 Free Shipping

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New Home on the Horizon again? Here's a warm and invigorating blessing for a new home and are imbued with positive energy through the art of Reiki.

House Warming Votive
Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
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Maybe having compassion is more of a need. Made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade with wicks constructed from cotton and paper; scented with explosive essential oil blends. Hand-crafted in New England.
Compassion Votive
Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
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