44" x 88" Dreamcatcher Multifaith Curtain

Dream catcher and Native American symbols are displayed across this earth and sky toned tie dye.
   photo DSCF9569_zpspucdymja.jpg

 $30 + Free Shipping
Use this single panel curtain for window as a wall accent for your favorite space. 100% Cotton.
44" x 88"

18" x 18" Multi Faith Tree of Life Tote Bag

Tree of Life is a Universal Symbol displayed on this tie dyed tote in streams of vibrant colors.

It is well stitched w/ generous handles.

(new in package)

Carry your Farmers Market Finds, Spiritual Supplies, Seed Bombs, Guerilla Gardening Tools, Yoga Gear, Grow & Harvest Potatoes, the Sky's the Limit. 

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 $10 and Free Shipping
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It measures 18" x 18"
100% Cotton.

44" x 88" Multi Faith Tree of Life Tie Dye Curtain and/or Wall Hanging

The Tree of Life is a Universal Symbol displayed on this tie dyed curtain in streams of vibrant colors. 
Comes as a single panel w/ tabs for hanging. 
Use for windows or wonderful wall hanging. 
100% cotton.
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 $30 and Free Shipping

Height: 87.99 inches tall
Width: 43.97 inches wide
43.97" x 87.99"

'Buffalo Hunter' Leather Blank Book with Latch

The perfect Book of Travels, journaling or sketch book for those who prefer to live wild, like nomads always moving & changing locations.
 photo buffalo hunter book_zpsvkaluhii.jpg
This blank book has been sewn so its leather appears rough and coarse, as though it were created while on the hunt.
The perfect journal for anyone with that rough-around-the-edges, always on the run, wild-child aspect.
 photo buffalo hunter booadk_zpszobe9ozb.jpg
      • Approximately 5" wide x 7" high
      • 240 acid-free pages
      • Thick sturdy recycled biomass paper
      • Supple Leather
      • $35 and Free Shipping

          $35 and Free Shipping
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          Beautiful Scented Votives - 6 Count

          I have a fan near Redmond, WA who visits this blog on a regular basis! Thanks so much for saving my blog and coming directly. If you're looking for Candles to Feel more Love look further below.
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          Welcome the magic of love into your life with the Love herbal votive candle which possesses a Reiki-charged energy that can help you open up to love heart and soul.

          Love Herbal Votive
          Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
           photo fgjghjghjgfhj_zpsstruk1h0.jpg

          If Stress Relief is what you're after then dive into this Square shaped with a layered purple and green coloring the stress relief votive candle is a wonderful tool for any home.

          Stress Relief Votive
          Qty: 6 - $18 Free Shipping

           photo fgjghjghjgfhj_zpsg86xtvvn.jpg

          New Home on the Horizon again? Here's a warm and invigorating blessing for a new home and are imbued with positive energy through the art of Reiki.

          House Warming Votive
          Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
           photo fgjghjghjgfhj_zpsftpoohje.jpg

          Maybe having compassion is more of a need. Made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade with wicks constructed from cotton and paper; scented with explosive essential oil blends. Hand-crafted in New England.
          Compassion Votive
          Qty: 6 - $17 Free Shipping
           photo fgjghjghjgfhj_zpsdo0wupli.jpg

          Sacred Oak Tree of Life 'Blank Page BOOK' Handcrafted Leather Writing JOURNAL 5x7

          Inscribed into the hand-tooled surface of this leather blank book is the Sacred Oak Tree, celebrating nature and the path it offers to other worlds of discovery and mystery.
           $32 and Free Shipping
           240 un-lined pages. 5" x 7"
           photo stellapearl.etsy h_zpswfa7gskc.jpg
          A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item through PayPal.

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          1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book with Latch 4" x 5"

          Hand tooled blank leather journal with an unadorned cover & hand stitched edges.
          Border embossing may vary. 
           photo poetry book a_zpsfbgfrwgs.jpg
          Leather, handmade paper.
          240 pages, Latch Closure.
          Sizes vary around 4" x 5" 
          $17.95 and Free Shipping

           photo poetry book n_zpsoimior2i.jpg

          5 Lb Flat of Amethyst Druse

          Known as a stone of the mind, Amethyst brings calmness & clarity where there is anxiety & confusion.

          $48 and Free Shipping

          s;ldfgiyigjho photo GFAMED_Z_zpsbiltshyy.jpg
          Sold by the flat. You receive 5+ lbs of Druse Amethyets.
          Weight & stone count will vary from one flat to another.
          Color & Crystal concentration will also vary.amethyst druse photo: Amethyst cluster MED0010.jpg
          Ships same day as Safe PayPal Payment is Received.amethyst druse photo: Amethyst Amethyst_Quartz.jpg