Rose Quartz Tealight Candle Holder - 2 Lbs.

Rose Quartz tealight candle holder photo: Rose Quartz Candle Holder RoseQuartzCandle.gif
A beautiful candle holder that's been carved from a natural chunk of rose quartz, creating a candle holder surrounded by the natural points and facets.
With a 1 1/2" diameter opening you can use it for a small pillar candle or a tealight candle.

  Only $12.50 for Holder & $12.50 for Shipping 
rose quartz candle holder photo: Rose Quartz Crystal Candel Holder RQ-37.jpg
Each tealight holder is a one of a kind piece, it varies in shape & size.
These are available only in a limited supply, so get them while you can!

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